Peace and Blessings! Do you need a coach?

Life can be overwhelming and there are times when you get stuck in your head. You feel as if you don’t know which way to go. Sometimes, you need to talk to someone who has walked a mile in your shoes, and has a few ideas that you may not have considered.

Let me help you!

I’ve been a full-time hairstylist as well as a full time web developer within the last 16 years of my life. As a stylist, I not only provided excellent services, but I helped coach many of them into new jobs, relationships, or growth within their lives and business.

I know how exciting, fulfilling and scary it is to pursue your dreams.I know how it feels to balance a full time job, as well as a business.I also know how it feels to live your dream fully.My mission is to listen to your business worries, struggles and goals and provide you with actionable advice to help get your business where you want it to go.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Olivia for over 5 years. And while that seems like a short amount of time, she made a huge impact on my life in an even shorter amount of time.

We were on a girls only retreat in the mountains. And just all of that beautiful nature, peace and quiet surrounding us created an incredibly Zen-like atmosphere.

Neither of us meditated much, but this space called for it if you listen to your heart. So we did and it was as cleansing as the pure air we breathed in. Olivia spoke from her heart and suggested I do guided meditations on YouTube. I had recently lost my job, and knew I didn’t want to go back to the daily grind, so it was tempting. Our conversation was as if our spirits were communicating with one another. Olivia obviously has a keen spirit and a compassion that makes it easy for you to hear and understand things that wouldn’t normally resonate with you.

When we got back home I decided I had to chart my course. I decided I wanted to do something that would matter in my community and the world at large. I became a Children’s Yoga Instructor and love waking up every morning and serving my clients.

Thank you Olivia for being such a sweet, genuine, and spiritually in tune sister to me. Thank you for your guidance which helped me get where I am today and your creativity that continuously encourages me. Peace

TaJuana Jones Blakely

Tiny Yogis Instructor, Tiny Yogis

1 on 1 Session


60 minute session via Skype/Video Chat

A recording of the session

1-3 action steps/goals

30 minute follow-up session after 30 days.


I Love Working With Creative Entreprenuers

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